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    Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication
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Terms of Use

Diputacion General de Aragon has the property of the original files from which the pictograms published in this Web are obtained. 

Resources offered in the site (pictograms, images or videos), as well as the materials based on them, are released under a Creative Commons' License Licencia Creative Commons, being authorised for a non-profit use if author and source are mentioned and the use of materials is shared in the same way.

That implies that any work based on resources hosted ARASAAC's catalogues (pictograms, images and videos) must be distributed with the same Creative Commons License, author (Sergio Palao) must be quoted and origin (ARASAAC must be recognised, as well as the Creative Commons' License. Means of expressing this can be:

Or in a schematic way:

Remains excluded from this permission the edition or publication of these materials inside publications with commercial purposes.

For any other use, reprography and the computer treatment remain rigorously prohibited without the written authorization of the holders of the "Copyright", under the sanctions established by the laws, the total or partial reproduction of these materials for any way or procedure.

Responsibility’s exemption clause:

The Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication has an informative and illustrative character, and tries to put at the disposal of any interested person the information of the project. Nevertheless, it is necessary to specify the following thing:

* The information that offers is merely informative and lacks of any effect binding the Administration, so that we do not assume any responsibility of the content.
* The information that offers might not be exhaustive, exact or updated.
* Links are facilitated to external pages on which ARASAAC does not have any control, and respect of which we decline any responsibility.